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East Midlands Hockey Umpiring Association News

19th MarMore Congratulations

EMHUA would like to pass on warm congratulations to Brett Friskney who has achieved his level 3 award and joins the NPUA panel following a successful assessment.

Well done Brett.

27th FebCongratulations

Cellan Griffiths was promoted to level 2 at the weekend following a succesful assessment and is now on the Region men's umpire panel. A young umpire with a promising future.

23rd FebUmpire Panel promotions

The Grading committee have made the following changes:
Cellan Griffiths nominated as a Level 2 candidate
James Wakeland promoted to B Panel
Welcome to Gareth Parr assigned to C Panel
The following umpires were awarded the "EMHUA Badge": Cellan Griffiths, Spencer Murphy, Mark Richardson and Alan Shaw
Congratulations to you all.
No other changes up or down were made to the panels.

21st FebEMHUA Kit Orders

If any members require a new shirt (green or orange) or a EMHUA jacket please advise Simon Widdison by Friday 3rd March 2017.

Note: The Jackets often need to be ordered 1 or 2 sizes "Up" . A link to the tempest size guide is below.

Email orders and queries to info@appleelectricalinstallations.co.uk

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15th FebEH registration Numbers of EMHUA members

The registration numbers of all EMHUA Panel Umpires have been update to the 6 digit one now in use at England Hockey. This will now be what is shown in your 'personal area'.
All previous 3, 4,5 and T digit numbers are obsolete and should not be used. If you are a club umpire and your EH number in your personal area is showing in the old format and you want it updated please send Andy Barnes your new number as notified to you by EH. If you have not received this number or need the new one then again contact Andy Barnes for a resolution. EMHUA Members ONLY.

13th FebMembers Meeting

Please note, the rearranged members meeting will take place on 28th Feb 2017 at West Bridgford HC.
at 7:15 pm
1. “A week in the life of a panel Umpire” - Simon Widdison
2. Umpire Radio Update - Philip Walker
3. Kit update – Simon Widdison
4. Open Floor for Questions
Some complimentary hot food will be provided therfore
Please confirm attendance to President Andy Barnes (abarnes937@btinternet.com)

7th FebGrading Committee News

Congratulations to Cellan Griffiths on promotion to Level 2 candidate; James (Jim) Wakeland on promotion to B panel and to new panel umpire Gareth Parr on achieving C Panel.

EMHUA badges were awarded to Cellan Griffiths, Spencer Murphy, Mark Richardson, Alan Shaw and to Gareth Parr (subject to completing his 5 matches)
All other umpires remain on the same panel with some identified for development and further assessment. We welcome Paul Westbury to the panel.

2nd FebRed Card and Disrepute Support

If you have to give a red card, MMO at a match or have seen something that brings the game into disrepute, as defined in the linked EH code of conduct, please can all members contact the Association secretary for advice.

The Association is here to support members through these potentially difficult situations and are required to countersign any disrepute offences brought by neutrally appointed umpires.

Disrepute in non-appointed games still fall under the auspices of the affiliated bodies (more often than not the clubs).

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26th JanEmail Updates

Heart Internet (Website ISP provider) are investigating some failures, as well as delays, with mail delivery to BT and Yahoo (Sky) email addresses from messages sent from their network, which also means emails from the MRHUA website.

This is currently being worked on and I will provide further updates here as and when.

This means that emails for new appointments, umpiring, coaching and assessing to BT and Yahoo (including Sky) addresses may not be delivered or will be severely delayed. If you have a BT or Yahoo (including Sky) email address, please check the website regularly to see if you have received any new appointments.

11th JanMembers Meeting 24th January 2017

Please be aware the members meeting scheduled for January has been postponed.

It is expected this will occur in February 2017.

Please contact Colin Anderson or David Kingston with any specific topics that you would like us to cover.

7th Dec (2016)November 2016 - League Newsletter

The latest MRHA League newsletter has been uploaded to the league handbook and is linked below.

Would all members umpiring in the MRHA Mens and Ladies Leagues please take note of the guidance on category D red cards (2 yellows for the same minor offence).

Neutral Mens panel umpires should also note the final section on appointment confirmations.

Should you have any queries or concerns please

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1st Dec (2016)Rules of Outdoor Hockey

As you may be aware, the FIH have conducted a review of the Outdoor Rules of Hockey, with a new set of rules to be implemented at International Level from January 2017. As there are no MAJOR changes, England Hockey has decided to implement the changes at all levels effective 1st August 2017, ahead of the 2017/18 season. EMHUA hope to have copies of rule books available free of charge for members to pick up at the AGM in April 2017.

13th Sep (2016)Automatic feedback report on coaches and assessors

If you have received a watching from a coach or assessor or have been appointed to an event supervised by an Umpire Manager, you will have received a written report via the website.

The system now incorporates a feedback report on watchers so, if you have received a report, you now need to input feedback on your watcher.

The information received from the umpires is extremely important to the watchers so that they can identify areas for improvement and also to the Association so that we can be sure that the correct messages are being given and that the quality of Coaching/Assessing is at the highest possible level.

Feedback on your watcher will be seen by the watcher together with a small number of people on the Selection/Coaching Committee as appropriate so comments that you do make, will be treated confidentially.

Completion of feedback reports is compulsory. Whilst you will be able to notify expenses through the system, you will not be able to claim them if reports are outstanding. Reports are most valuable if they are given soon after the event so we would ask all of you to complete these within a short space of receiving your report, rather than waiting a few months and then having to complete them merely in order to claim your expenses

6th Jun (2016)AGM Update

Following the AGM on 26th April there have been changes to the EMHUA council.

A full list is available under the EMHUA Committees & Officials sub menu.

Current officials can be found below (where multiple posts are held these are not listed)

President - Andrew Barnes
Immediate Past President - Andrew Lamb
Honorary Secretary - Colin Anderson
Honorary Treasurer - Malcolm Philippe
Honorary Appts Secretary - Outdoors - Bill Workman
Honorary Chief Coach - David Kingston
Assistant Secretary - Membership - Simon Brown
Asstistant Secretary - Level 1 - David Straker
EMHUA Webmaster - Adrian Mansfield
Child Protection and Welfare Officer - Neil Stevens
Representative to MRHUA - Chris Forde
Members Post - Paul Bradley
Scrutineer - Stuart Lodge
Radio Manager - Philip Walker

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24th Mar (2015)MRHA Men's league newsletters

The latest Newsletter from the Men's league can be downloaded viewed from the Web handbook Downloads section

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