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30th Nov (2018)SPAM Email

There have been SPAM emails allegedly from Roger Furniss marked 'Urgent' and asking for money. The email address they are sent from is:

These emails are SPAM emails and not from Roger. Please do not respond to them and delete them.

Tom Roberts, BCHUA Secretary

6th Nov (2018)Promotion Success

Congratulations to James Pennington who successfully passed his Level 2 assessment at the weekend and joins the MRHUA Men's Panel.

BCHUA wishes you success with your future umpiring.

26th Oct (2018)Slides from BCHUA Members Meeting

The slides used in the recent BCHUA Members meeting have been uploaded into the BCHUA Information and Downloads section.

25th Oct (2018)New Web System Functions

As many of you will have noticed, the next part of the 2018 system upgrade has been implemented.
The major changes are in the personal and club administration areas, where both of these areas are now fully mobile friendly (i.e. they adapt and work on small screen devices as well as traditional larger screen devices e.g. PCs). The club administration area is now accessed from your personal area.
You should note that the layout of all functions in these areas will be different depending on the screen size of the device you are using.
In addition, the order of items will vary depending on the screen size and the day. This is so that, on mobile phones, the things you are most likely to want on a match day appear nearer the top of the page.
If you are logging on via a device with a small screen, you will see that there is an option to have "continuous login". If you select this option your log in details will be stored on your phone and you will be able to log in in future just by clicking the quick log in bar at the top of the home pages.
If you are a club administrator, but are not your club webmaster, you have a new function in the club administration area to remove access rights that you do not need. This will temporarily remove them from your pages and will prompt your club webmaster to remove them permanently the next time they log in. This will help you remove the functions you will never need (particularly for teams that you are not involved with), in case your club webmaster has been over-generous with your options.
If you are a club webmaster, you also have new functions in the View/Update Administration Rights programs to remove all access for a person or to add all access for a person. This means you need fewer clicks to set up the correct access rights for each administrator.

25th Oct (2018)New Umpire Coach

Congratulations to Rob Crosson who was successfully assessed at the weekend and has received his Regional Umpire Coach accreditation from England Hockey. A great achievement.

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