Midlands Young Umpiring

Midlands Young Umpiring

Young Umpiring Main Information Page27th November 2020

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Midland Young Umpiring

Initial Application & Consent Form

To be completed on joining the Group

Yearly details update form

Important updated details notification

Website Tutorial

Access, availability and how to see reports

Terms of Reference

Updated Sept 2012

Role Descriptions

Officer role descriptions

First Development plan 2008 - 2013

Our framework to take us beyond the 2012 Olympic's

MYU Safeguarding and Protecting

Welfare Officer Role Description

This replaces that issued in the generic role description document

Our Statement on S+P Young People in Hockey

MYU Safeguarding the Hockey Family

England Hockey Policy


Disclosure and Barring (DBS) advice

Midland Young Panels

What are Panels are and what they mean

From a new MYU member to our top young umpires!

Midland Promising List and Mentors

Mentors Guidance Document

Created by a young umpire who's been through the system

News Updates

Report by Jamie Hooper from the NYF 2010

Social Networking Guidance

As more clubs and associations are joining the facebook and twitter generation EHB has written ‘Think Before you Post’. This document is a Good Practice Guidance for the safe use of Social Networking sites for hockey organisations.

Useful Documents

MRYUAG - Umpire Coaching Report Blank

For use of all coaches post March 2009

Getting and being ready for the Game

Nutrition Advice

An excellent presentation by Marc Abraham for all umpires

Warming Up and Hydration

The National Young Umpire Promising List (NYUPL)

What the NYUPL is and how it works

Updated November 2009

County Young Umpire Groups

England Hockey Guidance Document

Outline structure to assist counties to get started

Letter to Counties to form a CYUG from Chair MRYUAG

Further information to the EH guidence document

MYUG Log Book

P 1 + 2

Title and Section explanation pages

P 3 + 4

How to use you log book

P 5 + 6

Useful Contacts and Record of Achievements

P 7 + 8

Ongoing area's to work on + What I'm working on

P 9 + 10

Record of my games (double sheet)

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