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Welcome to the Midlands Young Umpiring section of the website.

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16th October 2019
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Midlands Young Umpiring will be migrating to a new National Officials website before 2020 when we have our first junior competions to appoint to. Those of you already umpiring for our adult appointing Associations will be familiar with it; for the rest you will receive instructions in ...
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This is the Midlands Young Umpiring Home Page.
Midlands Young Umpiring Appointment Policy

England Hockey have specific recommendations regarding young umpires officiating senior hockey matches, as follows ...

"It cannot be emphasised enough that England Hockey recommends that U18 umpires,
other than those approved by the NYUAG and RYUAGs, do not umpire adult matches
unless supervised by appropriately qualified and checked coaches/mentors.
Welfare precautions should ensure the deployment of young umpires to games
appropriate to their stage of development."

Midland Region Hockey Umpiring Association, and specifically the Midlands RYUAG, support this policy fully.
Any appointments of young umpires to senior or junior matches will only be made
after careful consideration of the abilities, welfare and development needs of any young umpires concerned.

The Young Umpiring Information Page shows all the other information about the Regional Action Group and all the information and documents needed for young umpires in the Midlands.
It also shows the information and documents needed for adults working with young umpires in the Midlands.

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